In this section dedicated to art, we will discover the various arts, whether they are visual, intellectual or multimedia, going to discover and talk about the artists and world events of this fantastic world capable of transmitting in each individual, a message or an emotion different.

One of the strongest reasons that lead men to art and science is the escape from everyday life with its painful crudity and the gloomy lack of hope, from the slavery of its ever-changing desires. (Albert Einstein)

Afro trends

Kirsten Goss Jewellery /

Kirsten Goss was born in South Africa although her worklife began in London. Studying economics, she diversified into a degree in goldsmithing and jewellery design as this “was the strangest thing I could do while …

Tribal art

Southern Guild Gallery /

In 2014, Cape Town was elected World Design Capital, an honour granted every two years by the World Design Organization in recognition of cities that use design effectively as a guiding force for economic, social, …

Zeitz Mocaa

Brutalismo sudafricano /

The largest contemporary African art gallery, 9500 m2 across the nine floors of the Grain Silo Complex, this city’s landmark building, alongside the port, is an old granary dating back to the 20s (decommissioned in …

Touchable Art Museum

Prohibited not to touch

We seldom realise that art in museums is only for those who have eyes to see it. but it’s not always the case. We rarely stop to think of distant realities from our everyday life, …

Elliott Erwitt / DOGS

Dogs photographed by the best dog photographer

The exhibition entitled “Elliott Erwitt: dogs are like humans, only with more hair” was inaugurated in the Casa dei Carraresi rooms, in collaboration with the Fondazione Cassamarca from Treviso and Magnum Photos. For the first …

Alphabet Dieter Rams

The historic objects of the great German designer are transformed into a brilliant alphabet

From Beijing, graphic designer Gao Yang’s Art Particle, expresses his admiration for Dieter Rams, creative director of the German company Braun from ’61 to ’95 and author of the 10 principles of good design (including the famous “Less, …

Petz Hornmanufaktur

"If someone says: I can do it too, it only means that he is able to imitate, otherwise he would have done it sooner" (Bruno Munari)

A tree-lined courtyard in the 15th district of Vienna. When you enter the Petz Hornmanufaktur factory it is as if time stands still: the air is rich with the scent of hot cow horns and …

40 years of Hip Hop

From the street to the museum: photography exhibition at the Ono gallery in Bologna featuring Michael Levine’s superb photos.

From black Bronx ghetto subculture to a cultural phenomenon that spans music, dance, graphics, fashion, and visual arts: 40 years of Hip Hop are celebrated in Bologna at the ONO contemporary art gallery with an …

Ultrà scarves of the Museums

Signed Cattelan / Seletti: very cool scarves that combine art and streetwear

Uniting the parallel worlds of art and football was an impossible mission but, in collaboration with Seletti, Maurizio Catellan has succeeded in doing so. In fact, the Italian artist has launched the Museums League collection, …


Berlin edition / Avant-garde galleries

  Berlinische Galerie / / Born in 1975 to celebrate the attachment of the city to modern culture and architecture, the Berlinische is housed today in a 60s manufacturing workshop converted into the gallery-museum by Jorg Fricke …


Klub7 /

One of the most notorious street art collectives in Berlin, in constant rise from the end of the 90s to today in Germany and the world. Six artists, six friends, six different styles perfectly harmonized …

Andrea Pazienza, thirty years gone

"He was the founder of a great school that had no favourite pupils as it was inimitable, a unique talent" (Roberto Benigni)

30 years after his tragic death at the young age of 32 (in Montepulciano on June 16, 1988), ARF! Festivals and Comicon present an intense exhibition of original works that celebrates the most eclectic and …

Welcome back Resurrection

Back to shine after a two years recovery the most famous artwork on Christ resurrection

Piero della Francesca’s most famous fresco, Resurrection, appears more secular than spiritual: it portrays Christ as a victorious warrior coming out of the tomb after conquering death. Following a year and a half of careful …


2017 edition

Art Basel was founded in 1970 by Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt. In just a few decades, this modern and contemporary art fair in the heart of orderly Switzerland has since developed into …


Color explosion

Super-trendy and north of Downtown, Wynwood is the artistic heart of Miami. A neighbourhood entirely covered in murales and graffiti by famous artist from all over the world, animated by a burgeoning night life sceneevery …

The sculpture of Jago

“Habemus Hominem”: exhibited in Rome including Pope Ratzinger naked bust

31 years old, from Frosinone, with excellent communication skills and an ability to exploit them through social networks (250k on Facebook, 38k on Instagram), Jacopo Cardillo in art Jago is a sculpture in the most …

Street-art evolution

Philippe Echaroux's monumental projections on Amazon Rainforest trees: Project Street-Art 2.0

Street art against deforestation: As founder of the Street Art 2.0 project, French artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux has devloped an evolution of street art that is technological and ecological in form. Instead of working …

The invisible man

Amazingly camouflaged, can you spot him? The incredible performances of Liu Bolin displayed at Vittoriano Museum, Rome

From 2nd March until 1st July, the Chinese artist Liu Bolin will be at the centre of a great exhibition on his incredible art of camouflage at the Rome Vittoriano: in his works the body …

The brilliant street-art of JR

The monumental works of the French artist on display at Lazinc in London: see the gallery

The Frenchman, who became an artist after chancing upon a camera on a metro train, started taking and gluing together images on the same streets where he created them. JR (like the initials of his …

Always provoking

"More than fifty years of magnificent failures": the photographic career of Oliviero Toscani on show in Otranto

Born in Milan, 28 February 1942. An internationally famous photographer, perhaps, among the Italians, the most famous and quoted. “News reports are too easy, where you find slaughters, blood, the dead, take pictures everywhere, make …

“Nostalgia” for Pompeii

Madre Musuem’s great exhibition: for the first time, the ancient city’s exhibitions shown along with the work of great 20th century artists

A dialogue between past and present, artisans and artists, raw and processed materials, ancient and modern art, which creates an incredible, unprecedented mixture and makes the exhibition Pompei @ Madre. Materia Archeologica among the most …

Olaf Hajek’s fantastic hairstyles

Dream and be inspired by these explosions of colours, accessories and flowers

A wonderful blend of flowers and accessories which travel through time and cultures, Olaf Hajek’s illustrations and hairstyles are a blend of folklore, mythology, religion, history and geography. The German artist’s fervent imagination unites human …

Hirst in Venice

The monumental exhibition by the great English artist

Damien Hirst is amongst those modern artists who have been most talked about and divided opinion. Loved or hated, praised as a genius or derided as a clever entrepreneur able to sell anything at astronomical …

IMMORTALS // The Pink Floyd Story

The exhibition of the year at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) in London

Instruments, artwork, archival photos and bespoke installations, material from early concerts and complex stage designs: Their Mortal Remains is a complete Pink Floyd retrospective that promises to surprise fans and enthusiasts for years to come. …

The modern hippie

There are those, like Coachella or H&M, who fine their fashion inspiration in the hippie movement, and then there are those who find freedom

Carlo Bevilacqua travelled around the world for five years in search of communities of people who had chosen to abandon the comforts (and also the stress) of modern society. His magnificent photo essays have been …

Franciscan Poetics

Interview with Massimo Bottura

It was a wager that he won, like many others. Then again, as he says: “The results are the outcome of the love we have for what we do.” Some are painstakingly studied (e.g. The …

Magnum Photos 70 years

An unmissable voyage through history

One of the world’s leading photography agencies, founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour, George Rodger and William Vandivert, in the form of a cooperative society of photographers, to bring together the …

Whose Hair

How well does a hair style describe who you are?

      She is an English artist and illustrator, her name is Christina Christoforou, and she works in London and Istanbul. She began to portray the hairstyles of famous people commissioned by the New …

Behind the Collection

Spring Summer 2017

Six months spent analysing the most important international magazines and studying fashion trend reports, and over 60 people involved, including editorial staff, designers, hairstylists, technicians, and models. The Italian Touch #21 began in September 2016 …

State of the art #21

Non solo Piero

The Resurrection by Piero della Francesca, a 15th-century fresco housed in the Civic Museum in Sansepolcro, is brought to life in a joint work by Riccardo Antonelli and Maurizio Rapiti. It is an oil painting …

STREET ART // Rurales Emilia

It happens in Pianura Padana: writers paint murals on countryside ruins abandoned by rural depopulation, giving life to amazing jams among fields, weeds and bricks

This is a story of a journey to the other side. Or better, of a return voyage. A return from the cities, from the tarmac and cement, to the fields, the canals and the farmsteads. …

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The American legend on display at Milan’s Mudec Museum

Graffiti: “A form of visual expression and artistic experimentation typical of urban spaces. It originates from the spontaneous and illicit act of using spray paint to create designs on walls in urban areas and on …

Ai Weiwei “Libero” in Florence

Contemporary art is often difficult to interpret, especially for who are not enthusiasts or used to the works. Then there is Ai Weiwei

Contemporary art is often abstract and difficult to interpret, especially for audiences who are not enthusiasts or used to the works. Then there is Ai Weiwei. The most famous living Chinese artist has decided to use …

Minimal tattoo

*TREND ALERT / Just simple names, dates, crosses or hearts: the new fashion in tattooing is for minimal digital...

Suprematism is an avant-garde artistic movement that was founded in 1915 in Russia by Kazimir Malevič. It was theorised by the poet Majakovskij and its aim, through the simplification of figurative elements, was to achieve …

Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro

After 150 years they still serve as inspiration for artists and generations of contemporary tattooists. On show from Thursday in Milan

The occasion is being held to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the relations between Japan and Italy that opened up diplomatic connections between the two countries following two centuries of Japan’s isolation. A special exhibition …

State of the street art

T-shirts, museums, high fashion and merchandising are all in the mix

It was to be expected. Street art is at a crossroads. On the one hand there are those writers and artists who fresco urban spaces around the world on a daily basis, while on the …

Banksy’s take

Anonymous, extravagant visual avenger of the injustices of capitalism

Who is Banksy? A contemporary genius, media provocateur, and guerrilla artist. Who is behind the masterpieces that have been astonishing the whole world for thirty years? Oil paintings on canvas, stencils, installations, sculptures, cartoons, performance …

Lascaux Museum

The Sistine Chapel of the Stone Age

The wait will be over on December 15, 2016, with the opening of the new museum of the Lascaux caves in the Montignac region of Southern France. The most famous site for Palaeolithic art in …

Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian

The image of the feminine between the 16th and 17th Centuries

Beauty standards are volatile, they change according to time and place, even though women have an incredible capacity to always feel that they are inadequate in this regard. The history of art should instead help …

Prada Marfa

An apparition in the void of the Texan desert

It has been there since October 1, 2005. In Western Texas, on the border with Mexico, 40 km from the town of Marfa, 2,000 inhabitants lost in the Chihuahuan desert. In the void that runs …

The And Project

“Why is everyone interested in the face and not what’s behind it?” (Page Tsou)

It was a long journey, lasting many years. More than 3,000 portraits, thousands of faces, cheekbones, eyes, lips, noses. A journey into gazes and thoughts. Until a revolutionary idea came to light. “I wondered why …



The tailoring of masculine cuts gives life to the man who is attentive to detail. Although it has a hipster feel, it projects a more relxed image: the hairstyle thus becomes more dynamic and medium-long …

The way we were

Rimini in the '80s and '90s, from a meeting between Pasquale Bove, photojournalist, and Luca Santese, photographer and co-founder of Cesura

The Italy & Italy project arose from a meeting between Pasquale Bove, photojournalist,  and Luca Santese, photographer and co-founder of Cesura, an interesting network of artists. From Bove’s vast archives, comprising more than 200,000 shots, …

40 years of Punk

The Punk in Britain exhibition in Milan / The movement in ten points (for example, did you know that the best product for spiking up your hair is isinglass?)

The word punk was used for the first time with the meaning of “prostitute”, in Shakespeare’s 1605 play, All’s Well That Ends Well. At the end of the 1800s, it carried the meaning of “useless”, …

Photographic cubism

"Portraits", Polaroid mosaics by Maurizio Galimberti

“I believe in the poetry of Polaroid, the crackle of old vinyl records, the smell of books made of paper”. In an age that is dominated by smartphones, social networks, and photos that invade every …

Escher’s visions on show in Milan

His work has been exhibited over the last few years in Rome, Bologna and Treviso, drawing more than 580,000 visitors

The word “genius” is often abused when speaking of illustrious, artistic, or visionary individuals. But not in the case of the Dutch engraver and graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher (Leeuwarden, 17th June 1898 – Laren, …

The Maria Callas Story

A “Divine” exhibition in Verona: “Love is much better when you are not married”...

Anna Maria Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropoulou, Greek from New York, born 1923. Should be named Vasili, like her little brother who died of typhus before he was born. The Evangelical mother accepted the birth of a …

Christo on Lake Iseo

“The Floating Piers”, the greatest work of land art in history

It is the greatest work of land art ever created, in both size and visual impact. The Floating Piers, a project by artist Christo Vladimirov Yavachev, was inaugurated Saturday 18th June at Lake Iseo. Four and …

BANKSY / In Rome an exhibition by the legendary street artist

He was the greatest of them all. Now considered a major historical figure in the world of art: 150 works on display, all from private collections. See the gallery...

Get insight into the imagination of the extraordinary artist known as Banksy. You can go to admire his works at Palazzo Cipolla, Via del Corso, Rome, where they are on display until 4 September. The …

Helmut Newton’s nudes: erotica in fashion and art

“I think that Margaret Thatcher was the pinnacle: what could possibly be more sexy than power?” (Helmut Newton). Exhibited are 200 of his works. Browse the gallery…

Helmut Newton’s first three legendary photography books are on exhibit in Venice: fashion and glamour photography was revolutionised in the 70s with White Women, Sleepless Nights and Big Nudes. Helmut Newton has always toyed with …

Beyond Beauty

The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington is the American temple for art in every form. Famous for its collections, it is customary for it to organise exhibitions that redefine the concept of “event”, such as its latest initiative …


National Geographic has organised Fashion, a thoughtfully-designed photographic tour centred around clothes

There are two things that distinguish human beings from all other animals: laughter and wearing clothes. And between these two habits, there’s a fundamental difference: the first is an innate reaction, the second fruit of …