K-NOW #3 Hair team portraits

Behind the Hair fashion collection

Kemon hairstylist team, creators of the Spring/Summer Collection 2019.


Antonio Candido

Antonio Candido / Aged 34, from Lecce. An expert in barbering and styling, he is responsible for the image of models, influencers, rappers and footballers. Highly active on social media, fashionfocused, and always on the lookout for ideas from the world’s underground sub-cultures.


Pierre Baltieri

Pierre Baltieri / Aged 53, from Soave (Verona). Over 20 years in the style team at Kemon, owns a hair salon in Verona that was opened by his mother in the 70s. A master stylist  and analyser of trends, he loves to oversee the up-andcoming stylists.


Davide Carlucci

Davide Carlucci / Aged 31, from Bologna. Responsible for the texts and step-by-step for the hair looks for the collection book. A freelance hairstylist, he contributes to fashion magazines and is an ever-present at the great Italian fashion shows.


Diego Comandulli

Diego Comandulli / Aged 31, from Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo). A dynamo in colouring and styling, he is the owner of a large salon in Crema. In 2018, he was an instructor on the Big Brother VIP TV programme.


Francesca Morelli

Francesca Morelli / Aged 30, from Genoa. A Kemon instructor in education and versatile colourist and stylist. She opened a hair & beauty salon with her sister, Valentina, in March 2018 to great acclaim in her home town.


Riccardo Rogari

Riccardo Rogari / Aged 36, from Gubbio. Expert Kemon trainer, gifted at education, he loves to work on hair care at his salon. Always on the lookout for new ideas for new cutting and colouring techniques.


Mauro Galzignato

Mauro Galzignato / Aged 42, from Mirano (Venice). Artistic Manager at Kemon and for Kemon hair fashion collections. Founder of the Rock&Roll Hair salon chain. Until 2015: Artistic Manager at GHD Italy. He has been responsible for the image and hairstyling for the Milan, Paris and New York Fashion Show and Fashion Week. Awarded Best Hairdresser of the Year in Italy for 2016; award for creator of the Best Collection, 2017; and in 2018, received the award for Best Hairdresser of the Year for a second time. Appeared three times on Canale 5 as an instructor in the Big Brother VIP house.

Alessandro Di Giacomo