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Touchable Art Museum

Prohibited not to touch

We seldom realise that art in museums is only for those who have eyes to see it. but it’s not always the case. We rarely stop to think of distant realities from our everyday life, like that of blindness. Even more rarely we thought of how a blind man can enjoy the art in a museum.
Some years ago, at the Prado in Madrid, the exposition Hoy Toca El Prado conteined a masterpieces reprinted with 3D printers so they can be touched by blind visitors. A worthy initiative, but more can be done.

For over twenty years, Ancona, Italy has been hosting the Museo Statale Omero, founded to allow blind people to fully enjoy the wonders of art. The museum, which moved to the Mole Vanvitelliana in 2012, features high-quality reproductions of over 300 works of art: from sculptures to architectures, to art created by visually impaired or blind artists.

Projects that aim to make the artistic heritage accessible to anyone, overcoming the physical or cultural barrier.

Elisa Imperi