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One of the most notorious street art collectives in Berlin, in constant rise from the end of the 90s to today in Germany and the world. Six artists, six friends, six different styles perfectly harmonized between them.

We contact via mail Ingo aka Diskorobot to meet them. In their lab on Dolziger Straße, ex East Berlin neighbourhood in Friedrichshain, Otto Baum receives us instead, the lettering expert of the group. There we also find Dani Daphne, the only woman, quite a figurative style, she draws objects but also dedicates herself to conceptual and material works; Mike Okay, more naive, mixes very colourful illustrations and comics; Kid Cash skilfully varies between a figurative style and abstract geometry; Lowskii, very ironic, reelaborates super iconic images; Diskorobot, clever abstractionist, often monochrome.

Detail of a collage

Installation in Tel Aviv

Contamination, experimentation, harmonization of styles, the Klub7 crew prefers to express itself together on big format works, using various supports (paper, canvas, wood, fabric) and materials (chalk, markers, acrylics, oil paints). Their collective works ingeniously mixing wall painting, illustration, design and performance, making them always more known in the world: reviewed among the most culturally stimulating sights by the Berlin guide signed by Wallpaper magazine, in the last years they have also worked in New York, Paris, Lyon, Vienna, Marseille, Jerusalem, Amsterdam. Architectures, colours, abstract and colourful shapes, what distinguishes KLUB7 from other crews of street artists is the refinement and the recognisable styles of each one, even when inserted and harmonized in large collective pieces. An approach to spontaneous art, simple but always very attentive to the study of the spaces of intervention, be they interior or exterior, the architecture is analysed with precision in order to elaborate a visual project which interacts perfectly with the surrounding

A long mural / Kreide 2016

Installation in Tel Aviv

Six artists, six friends, six styles perfectly harmonised with each other

Facade of the Motel One / 2017

Mural in Monaco / 2016

The results are gigantic works which reinvest neighbourhoods and decorate the city: large walls transformed in canvasses where simultaneously converge the imagination of six artists different among themselves but perfectly integrated in a unique artistic message.

Alessandro Di Giacomo
All photos, courtesy Klub7 / klub7.de