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Its first headquarters, in Berlin, were an ex-kindergarten, Kita in German, hence the name Mykita. And it is probably a coincidence but creativity, reinterpreting rules in a personal key and the capacity to think out-of-the-box which so characterize that phase of life when playing prevails, are the very same qualities which define the German eyewear manufacturer.Founded in Berlin in 2003 by four associates, this house of fashion made of constant search for innovation, of visionary use of materials and of refined design, the distinctive elements of its collections.

Glasses’s shops in Berlin Mitte e New York

The house philosophy also very particular could be defined as holistic, since it unites the competencies of all the disciplines necessary to realize its glasses under the same roof, MYKITA HAUS: from project to product, all the departments contribute together to forming a modern manufacture, an evolution of the renaissance atelier concept, to create a new standard of design which combines artisanry and high technology.

Glasses’s shops in Berlin Mitte e New York

The painstaking research on the use of materials (from ultra light metal foil to Mylon, derived from polyamide which is sintered and used for the 1st time in eyewear), an absolutely original building logic, which avoids screws and welding and concentrates only on mechanical hooks without hinges, and an extremely refined design research, give the German brand a really special allure, which is also reflected in the design of their shops. Very minimal, like everything else, but with the ability to speak about innovation, of playing with elements taken from the storerooms of planes and with the commingling which characterizes the brand so much, renders unique the 11 flagships (Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, among others) and the corners present in more than 80 countries in the world.

A multidisciplinary approach which conjugates artisanry an technology, expertise and vision, in which every technical solution must also become an aesthetic and stylistic element. The inimitable distinctive sign of Mykita products.

Valentina Monti
All photos, courtesy Mykita / mikita.com.