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This month’s haircut / JULY 2018

Chiara Ferragni turns her blond in a Pale Pink Flamingo dye: like it or not?

Day X is the first of September, when Chiara Ferragni will say “yes” to her Fedez in Noto, Sicily. However, there has been talk of the marriage for months now: the first step was the bride’s bachelorette party, held in Ibiza with 19 friends and her ever-close sisters.

Glitter bomber jackets in shades of blue for the guests and pink for her; Alberta Ferreti’s #ChiaraTakesIbiza hashtag tribute; red Baywatch-style swimming costumes for the guests, and a white one for Chiara, with the words Bride to be inscribed on it (a gift from Calzedonia). Plus, a series of other outfits that are available for purchase from Chiara’s well-known Instagram page “ferragnicloset.” However, the pre-departure event was the up-to-now blonde influencer’s social colour change.

“Chiara Ferragni opted for Pale Pink Flamingo, the hair colour of summer 2018, enhanced with soft waves to keep that glamourous  touch that has always distinguished her,” observers Mauro Galzignato, Creative Director of Kemon collections. “Top tips for those who want to follow her: preserve and prolong pastel colours, even on the beach, with Linfa Solare Protection Milk SPF10 from Actyva.”

Valentina Monti