• pregnant male models runway

The estreme frontier of genderless

Xander Zhou's catwalk is populated by men in evident state of pregnancy

In a relatively drab Menswear edition of London Fashion Week, Chinese designer Xander Zhou created quite a stir with a collection that represents his vision of a future world populated by alien creatures: “With NEW WORLD BABY I tried to create a sort of film, a story where each model was playing a certain role – says the stylist. More specifically, Zhou designed a world where men and women have equal rights and gender barriers are blurred into non-existence. His menswear collection will be remembered for the large baby bumps worn by male models, and for the revolutionary addition of traditionally “feminine” details to menswear classics.

After Gucci’s severed heads in last season’s catwalk, shocking prosthetics seem to be the new way of breaking into the fashion industry.

Valentina Monti