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Terento public school

It's a primary and secondary school, library and market. There should be more schools like this in Italy, not just in Bolzano provence

It is a holistic village concept, which the Viennese architecture studio feld72 planned when they designed the new Terento school complex, 1,750 inhabitants in the province of Bolzano. The kindergarten was added to the old elementary school from the 70s, which was adapted, also integrating the public library, opening the whole complex for the village, and turning it into a part of everyday life at the same time.

Large windows, connecting bridges, light, airy structures that become part of the educational experience, as they are designed to create a space for continuous learning, without rigidly closing teaching to within the classroom.

“The idea was born in 2005 after a meeting with the community. The goal was to create an active environment that encouraged discovery, experimentation and research, where the building is not just a place for teaching, but an educational tool in itself. This is why – the architects explain – we have tried to make every area of ​​the school interactive “.

A project which also took into account the surrounding landscape and chose colours and materials that fit in with the mountain context in the best possible way, including a pavilion for music and a square for the local market, thus creating a continuous exchange with the village . Would it not be great to have schools like this all over Italy?

Valentina Monti