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The Hair Gala

Kemon Days 2018: the most beautiful edition ever, a symbol of the culture of beauty

An event that combines entertainment, training and fun: this year’s Kemon Days has improved its formula, shaken up its ingredients and added a lot of glamour which has resulted in probably the most beautiful edition ever.
The spirit that pervades the company’s mission, the will to believe in and propose a concept of authentic and innovative beauty, comprising both outer appearance and inner value as well as the evolution of the hairdressing market, has infused into a truly unique show that has enthused about 1,000 customers from all over the world.
For the first time at the East End Studios in Milan, a spectacular stage, with an LED wall measuring 25 metres by 4 metres, hosted the lectio magistralis by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi: a journey into the evolution of standards of beauty through the history of art demonstrating how paintings can be a creative source of inspiration to enrich a hairstylist’s cultural and professional expertise. Following Professor Sgarbi’s lecture, there will be a hair show, led by Mauro Galzignato and his team, who have highlighted different themes presenting 21 models in three different contexts.

The first context, which is characterised by a very glamorous look, coppery hair, smokey eyes and vermilion lipstick, addressed the concept of idealised beauty: starting with a Classical look, through to the Renaissance period and landing on the catwalks of the 1990s, a stereotype of perfection embodied by the fashion of Tom Ford among others, which often goes beyond the concept of the real woman. In this world, hair shapes play a fundamental role; a true frame, to use an illustrative metaphor. Important lengths that allow you to change your look depending on your mood, emphasised by the leading colour of the next season: that Tiziano who was originally born as a red-head but that over time has undergone changes to adapt to the evolution of the times.

The second stage focused instead on a minimalist look that over time has come to embody essentiality, purity and clean lines: from a fashion point of view, the references are to Silent Luxury by Rick Owens, Issey Miyake or Damir Doma, among others, while from that, for hair we take inspiration from the geometric lines at the base of the great Anglo-Saxon hair school. A conceptual trick inspired by Mondrian’s neoplasticism has framed this world in which hair is something unusual, as if to express the strength of character which is hardly noticeable in the rest of the look: instead of adapting to essentiality, they disconnect creating a point of light, interpreted with total or partial shades of blue that make the interplay of geometries present in the cut vibrant and harmonious.

The final stage saw the victory of a concept of beauty outside of normal standards; a more real and personal concept that enhances the essence of each individual rather than taking inspiration from stereotypes imposed from above. It is a sort of revolutionary look that has its roots in the most classic of traditions but it is stretching the rules: shapes, colours and volumes overlap in a new melting pot, of which Alessandro Michele for Gucci was the prophet. In this look, flaws becomes uniqueness and the pursuit of beauty passes through every means available to humankind, including clothing and hair. In this area we have witnessed the most researched, most visionary and most inspirational work.

Aperitifs, dinner parties and DJ sets have ended a truly unique afternoon, animated also by the participation of Diego dalla Palma.
Monday morning was entirely dedicated to training, with three ‘look and learn’ workshops held by three great stylists and Kemon testimonials: Alessia Solidani, Richard Thompson, Mauro Galzignato with special guest Diego dalla Palma.

Catwalk looks: the Hair Gala // Milano, May 13th 2018
► Art direction: Mauro Galzignato
► Hairstylist on stage: Diego Comandulli, Davide Carlucci, Pierre Baltieri, Riccardo Rogari, Antonio Candido, Serena Manta, Elisa Franco, Francesca Morelli, Diego Padula, Giovanni Tarantini, Lisa Caloi, Sara Tognoloni.
► Kemon HUB backstage special guests: Francesco Estini parrucchiere, Basile Centro Donna Più, Mariella De Leo, Hair profession di Eufemia Musio, Antonella Parrucchiera Trani.
► Fashion producer: Bookin’ Agency / Vittorio Masciarelli
► MUA: Fashion Avenue Academy By Vittorio Masciarelli
► Outfit: Nostra Santissima + Mur Mur + Ainea
► Stylists: Romina Power + Alberto Sabatino

Valentina Monti