• levante cambia colore

This month’s haircut / MARCH 2018

Levante changes colour. Always beautiful but regretting her black hair?

Singer, writer, talent show judge, style icon, modern woman and artist, Levante migrated from the alternative music scene to the limelight of X Factor in the blink of an eye… and her large, magnetic eyes, cleverly framed by MAC make-up artists, have added to the allure of her public figure. On top of her fascinating passage from the niche to the mainstream, her unique and unusual style made the audience of the talent show hold their breath night after night, while waiting to discover each new outfit.

Her latest transformation consists of copper-coloured highlights through her long dark brown mane: “Levante expresses her Southern beauty through intense colours – says Mauro Galzignato, Head of Kemon collection –. But choosing such fair highlights makes her lose a bit of character. I would have gone for a warmer toner, such as a light hazelnut colour”. He’s not entirely wrong…

Valentina Monti