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Design before design

110 years of Olivetti on display in Rome: the most beautiful typewriters in the world

Design before the birth of design, before we knew what it was, before it started to improve our lives, to infuse beauty into everyday objects; the vision of progress, of the people, of corporate social responsibility, of communication and the link with the territory. This is the essence of 110 years of Olivetti, gathered in the exhibition Looking Forward. Olivetti: 110 years of imagination, at the Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome from February 20 until May 1.

Praxis 48, macchina per scrivere elettrica, 1965, Ettore Sottsass jr., Hans Von Klier

Ugo Mulas, donne in fabbrica, 1962

Lettera 22, 1950, Marcello Nizzoli

More than 300 unique pieces including objects (among which the iconic M1, the first typewriter, as well as the Lettera22, the P101 and the Valentine), posters and antique photographs. The exhibition features two series: Visual collection, a journey through the themes that define the modernity of the Olivetti project, and Designing life, a narration through images (by photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gianni Berengo Gardin), billboards and words through which not only the past, but also the present and the possible future can be put into perspective.

Summa 19, addizionatrice elettrica scrivente, 1970, Ettore Sottsass jr., Hans Von Klier

Valentine, macchina per scrivere manuale portatile, 1969, Ettore Sottsass jr., Hans Von Klier

Locandina pubblicitaria realizzata nel 1983 “Accessori Originali Olivetti. L’efficienza è servita”

Locandina pubblicitaria realizzata nel 1969 da Roberto Pieracini per la macchina per scrivere portatile Valentine di Ettore Sottsass

Il Centro di ricerche Olivetti per le tecnologie avanzate a Cupertino California (1982)

Locandina pubblicitaria realizzata nel 1956 da Giovanni Pintori “Olivetti – Profili delle fabbriche”

“The beauty of the objects and images on display is the most visual representation of the values of the Olivetti experience and is aimed at providing visitors with a great history that will inspire them to look forward.” (Riccardo Delleani, Olivetti Managing Director).

Valentina Monti + Alessandro Di Giacomo