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The sculpture of Jago

“Habemus Hominem”: exhibited in Rome including Pope Ratzinger naked bust

31 years old, from Frosinone, with excellent communication skills and an ability to exploit them through social networks (250k on Facebook, 38k on Instagram), Jacopo Cardillo in art Jago is a sculpture in the most Michelangelesque sense of the term. An all-round artist (we also admire his drawing skills), sculpture is perhaps his favourite language, and he continually challenges boundaries and techniques to create works of art which merge the most driven realism with formal innovation, which often leaves the viewer incredulous and full of amazement.
Marble, under his hands, becomes an incredibly moldable material, and his work is characterized by a compositional courage which conveys powerful content through a total care for shape.

The Carlo Bilotti Museum, in Rome, offers us the exhibition “HABEMUS HOMINEM“, whose fulcrum is the bust of Pope Benedict XVI, complete with vestments and white cassock and subsequently “stripped” to leave the naked man, following his renunciation of the papal ministry.

An art with an ancient technique which has become modern thanks to the talent and determination to bring scupltures to modern day art, the stylistic code of the “take away”, which unites the sixteenth-century genius of Michelangelo and that of a young millenial.

Valentina Monti