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Alessia Solidani’s wonderful hairstyles

Backstage photos from the shooting of the new WHITE Collection dedicated to brides and haute couture

Milan, 13th February, Cross Studio. The new WHITE Collection dedicated to ceremonies and grand soirées has been taken on by Bookin ‘Agency, under Alessia Solidani’s careful artistic direction.

Two moods: hairstyles and outfits for the daytime and a change for your evening look. Four hairstylists who have signature hair fashion creations: as well as Alessia, Stefano Cinquegrana, Riccardo Rota, Emanuela Silvano and Rahele Vatanparst. The Collection will be released on April 30th.


Rahele Vatanparst

Stefano Cinquegrana

Riccardo Rota

Riccardo Rota

Emanuela Silvano