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"More than fifty years of magnificent failures": the photographic career of Oliviero Toscani on show in Otranto

Born in Milan, 28 February 1942. An internationally famous photographer, perhaps, among the Italians, the most famous and quoted. “News reports are too easy, where you find slaughters, blood, the dead, take pictures everywhere, make a layour and you’re done”. His photos are on display in the most important contemporary art museums in the world.

Campaign for Jesus jeans: “Who loves me, follows me” printed on the buttocks of the model Donna Jordan (Kate Moss’ mother)

In 2007, controversy for his “no anorexia” campaign, which portrayed the French actress Isabelle Caro (thirty-three kilos of bones) naked and with evident damage due to anorexia. Toscani says: “It is a king of Munch scream” against the disease

Theutra and the Municipality of Otranto, in the rooms of the Aragonese Castle, offer an exhibition which celebrates his brilliant career. The exhibition exudes creative power through his most famous images, which have made the world discuss issues such as racism, the death penalty, AIDS and war. Among the works on show the famous Kiss between a priest and a nun from 1991, the Three Hearts White / Black / Yellow from 1996, No-Anorexia from 2007 and many others.

OTRANTO / CASTELLO 20.01.2018 > 31.03.2018
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