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This month’s haircut / JANUARY 2018

Kate Hudson's hair regrowth after last summer drastic shave: an ode to comfort

Taking part in the long-awaited film by Sia, Sister, meant that she had to shave her head last Summer, and now Kate Hudson, after spending her whole life with long golden hair, is struggling with a drastic cut during the regrowth. After an initial brown phase, the actress returned to blonde and declared that she had discovered the comfort of having short hair.

“For the Golden Globes award ceremony, Kate Hudson opted for an mid-length look, where the sides remain soft and unstructured – comments Mauro Galzignato, director of The Italian Touch collections -. The actress, however, has not given up the more feminine touch, thanks to a low side line and an accessory: an elegant black velvet ribbon, which stands out against her blonde hair and was ideal for this social event “.

Valentina Monti