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The exhibition where you can take home free works of art

One of the most interesting artistic initiatives of the last years has just ended

Modern art is often desecration, use of different materials and styles, revolution in composition and settings. Rethinking the ways in which a work of art is exhibited, and innovating its use is the purpose of the show Take Me (I’m Yours), just ended at the Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan. Forget what you have learned about how you should behave inside a museum and feel free to touch, move, and even take away works of art. For free admission, the € 10 purchase of a bag created by the artist Christian Boltanski is the “ticket” which allows you to touch, use, modify and even take home parts of the works of art (which for the most part are composed of many elements, precisely for this reason), interacting with the exhibition and contributing to make part of the art yourself.

A project born in 1995 at the Serpentine Gallery in London, which has had several editions in Paris, Copenhagen, New York and Buenos Aires, which shows interaction, evolution and renewal, to keep the concept of art constantly moving in time.

Valentina Monti