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The trendiest granny in the world

As a joke, her nephews made her a profile three years ago. Today she has 3 million Instagram followers and writes “stealing your man since 1928”

On the 18th of July she will turn 90, and in one of her latest posts, published on her instagram profile with 3.3 million followers, she appears on Brazilian beaches while she touches her backside with male gymnasts drinking coconut milk. Baddie Winkle first appeared on social networks on the 10th of April 2014 with this post, and following that, it has been a continuous rise.

Irresistible and provocative shots, a fan of Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani, who loves hip hop music, ice cream, cigarettes and miniskirts. And in the meantime, to her grandchildrens’ great joy, this has also become a small business for them to manage and improve.

Alessandro Di Giacomo