• evidenza salone

An hair salon straight from the 80’s

In Lubiana, a jewel of 80's design is today's must to go for an hair restyling

The two-dimensional graphics, coloured and printed on vinyl, betray the graphic design origins of the two project designers from the Kitsch Nitsch studio, however, they characterise the look of the YMS salon in Ljubljana in a truely original way. The Slovenian Mič Styling hairdressing chain commissioned the talented duo not just for the project of the interior of two salons, but for a complete makeover of the entire image of the salons which target the younger clients within the brand.

In addition to the imaginative artwork on the walls, the furniture was also designed and was inspired by the 1980’s vibrancy of Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis Group, with the geometry of the sofas being reminiscent of the Dublin sofa designed by Marco Zanini, and the tables that refer back to the fantasies of De Lucchi. A treasure trove of design for getting your hair styled and cut.

Valentina Monti