• &#;Nostalgia&#;forPompeii

“Nostalgia” for Pompeii

Madre Musuem’s great exhibition: for the first time, the ancient city’s exhibitions shown along with the work of great 20th century artists

A dialogue between past and present, artisans and artists, raw and processed materials, ancient and modern art, which creates an incredible, unprecedented mixture and makes the exhibition Pompei @ Madre. Materia Archeologica among the most interesting exhibits worldwide this Winter. Inaugurated on November 18th at MADRE, the regional museum of Campania of contemporary art, it is the result of collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and “consists of the study of possible, multiple relationships between archaeological heritage and artistic research”, proposing a dialogue between extraordinary archaeological materials in Pompeian and modern, contemporary art works.

Adrián Villar Rojas at Fondazione Sandretto 11/2015

The exhibition path is a circular walk which, as though in a time machine, tells the story of the many materials used and modified by man over time, in a journey which merges and impregnates past and present, nature and culture, life and death, destruction and reconstruction. In the Via Settembrini museum’s rooms, the finds from Pompeii are combined with the works of Andy Warhol, Mimmo Iodice, Goshka Macuga, Rauschenberg and Kounellis among others, in a continuous mix between the ancient and modern. The rediscovery of Pompeii in the eighteenth century, and the incredible conditions of its oblivion make the city unique, making the concept of catastrophe seeen in a different light, and enlightening an incredibl, fruitful voyage, often believed impossible, with the codes and styles of contemporary art.

Valentina Monti

Pompei@Madre. Materia Archeologica // 19 novembre 2017-30 aprile 2018
A cura di Massimo Osanna e Andrea Viliani
Museo MADRE // via Settembrini 79, Napoli // Tel. 081 19737254 | info@madrenapoli.it | www.madrenapoli.it
Orari lunedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì, sabato 10.00 ̶ 19.30 | domenica 10.00 ̶ 20.00 la biglietteria chiude un’ora prima / giorno di chiusura: martedì

Parco Archeologico di Pompei, veduta dei depositi (Granai del Foro)

Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes, L’Eruption du Vésuve, 1814

Gioacchino Toma, Sotto il Vesuvio di mattina, 1882

Pierre Gusman, Jeune fille au stylet, 1894

Rilievo fotografico di Pompei (scala 1:1000), da pallone aerostatico, 1910

Luigi Ghirri, Napoli:1980-1981

Mimmo Jodice, GORGONEION, Opera I, 1982

Mimmo Jodice, GORGONEION, Opera II, 1982

Nairy Baghramian, Portrait (the concept-artist smoking head), 2008

Andy Warhol, Vesuvius, 1985

Copia del calco di un adulto che tiene in grembo il figlio, 1974-75

Pierre-Jacques Volaire. Eruzione del Vesuvio dal ponte della Maddalena,1782

Statua di divinità femminile ammantata, II-I secolo a.C.