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A portrait of Karl Lagerfeld

On Sunday our Hair Team returns, and yes, the entire show will be a tribute to King Karl. From 12:30 on OnHair Bologna and live here on facebook

84 years old, son of a family of Hamburg bankers, creative director of Fendi (in 1965, he invented the logo with the two F’s, from the slogan for ‘Fun Fur’) and Chanel (since 1983, catalogue photos and advertising).  He has own unique style: always wearing large sunglasses, white hair gathered in a ponytail, high necked shirts, short black tie and a shiny brooch, leather, biker-style gloves. Karl Lagerfeld is the contemporary stylist who has achieved the highest recognition due to his image and style, “A Man at the Summit of His Biggest Invention: Himself” (Andrew O’Hagan, New York Times).

A “fashion machine” who also has a brand with his name, in addition to ongoing alliances with an infinity of other brands (including Hogan, Rolex, Vans). Women love big eyebrows (see Cara Delevingne), which are often doubled with makeup for fashion shows. He believes that the psychoanalysis of creativity is the enemy: “What do I need? To be normal? I do not want to be normal”, and he cannot stand people who talk about their ailments.  He likes to watch silent movies, and if he had not imagined that money could be made through fashion, he would probably have become a cartoonist. He does not appreciate exhibitions or initiatives which celebrate his past achievements “It’s all about what you will do next”. He has a cat, Choupette, which is very famous on Instagram: “She made me a better person, less selfish.”  She earned him three million euros, advertising for a German car and a Japanese beauty product: “She is the Greta Garbo of felines.”

Is disdain useful in the life of a creative artist? “When everything goes smoothly, things are really bad. Too much peacefulnesss is very dangerous. It means one rests. You must nurture your enemies. You do not need to worry about friends, however. ”

Alessandro Di Giacomo