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How hippies live today

The biggest hippie rally in the world pictured by Denis Vejas...

It’s called the Rainbow Gathering and was formed in 1972 to bring together a temporary community who want to live in touch  with nature and the wild, away from consumerism and celebrating love and peace. A kind of rally for hippies, it lasts for a lunar cycle (about a month) and gathers in remote and wild places, somewhere different each time.  It’s the largest “non-organisation of non-members” in the world because there is no hierarchical structure – instead, attendees collaborate on a voluntary basis, with no commercial purpose, just the promotion of non-violence and equality.

In 2012, the Lithuanian photographer Denis Vejas began following and immortalising the meetings of this new-age anarchist and utopian community, which welcomes all participants with a “Welcome home” sign and spends its days attending and giving workshops (massage, wild herbs, hypnosis, reincarnation, shamanism, making art, drawing, painting, reiki, etc…), dancing, singing, meditating, talking circles, walking, and practising yoga.

There are very few rules, but they include hygiene, an obsessive respect for nature, a ban on technological devices and an obligation to keep the location of the gathering secret – it is only revealed to members a few days before it begins. Once these are accepted, everyone is welcome: welcome home.

Valentina Monti