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HAIR TREND // Rome Film Festival 2017

Asymmetry, plaits and wet look on the red carpet: take a look at the gallery

The latest film festival has arrived, and perhaps merely to reduce competition with more high profile competitors, its founders have decided to turn it into a party: the Festa del Cinema di Roma, born in 2006, has a slightly less glossy appearance than other international shows, however this year it has brought to light some interesting ideas for hair trends. The evening’s red carpet has clearly confirmed the trends of this season, as well as an excellent preview in anticipation for the coming Spring / Summer.

Rosamunde Pike, braids details

“Alice Sabatini’s short, asymmetrical styles and the ‘fake’ trend set by Justine Mattera, emphasised by beautifully unstructured waves, are ideally trendy,” – says Mauro Galzignato, creative director of The Italian Touch -., It is a sneak peek toward next season, with Vittoria Puccini and Beatrice Arnera, with their wet look, as well as Rosamund Pike and Silvia D’Amico, who include beautiful plaits in their proposals for hairstyles. ”

Valentina Monti

Alice Sabatini, asymmetric haircut

Justine Mattera,  “fake” asymmetric haircut

Beatrice Arnera, wet look

Vittoria Puccini, wet look

Silvia D’Amico, braids detail