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This month’s haircut / NOVEMBER 2017

Thirteen, Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things in L'Officiel cover: beautiful and talented, is it right to treat her as an adult?

From Gender Fluid to Age Fluid, there continues to be less distinction between genders and ages in the fashion world. And so we see 13 year old Millie Booby Brown, “11” in the TV series Stranger Things, on the cover of the November issue of L’Officiel. The hairdo that was chosen for her appearance on the Parisian magazine is beautiful: “Once again this season’s favourite cut, the famous ‘bob’, is very versatile, but most of all it suits a wide range of age groups,” explains Mauro Galzignato, Director of Kemon Fashion Collections, “and so Millie, despite her young age, looks extremely elegant and definitely older when she goes for the ‘bon ton’ straight version, but more bubbly and modern with the wavy ‘wob’ or Wave Bob.”

In the last year Millie Bobby Brown has appeared on the cover of Dazed, Interview, and Hollywood Reporter, always looking more like a woman than a child, even though the role that made her famous is one of an ordinary 13 year old. W Magazine went so far as to include her on the list of American TV’s 13 sexiest stars… Nevertheless, in addition to being a very young and incredibly talented actress, Millie also appears to be quite aware of her image and how it is managed, more so than some of the people who she deals with: in an interview with Variety, she admitted that she had received requests from numerous magazine asking her to ‘show off some skin’: “I have always said no, not yet. I will do it when I am 18” (Rolling Stones).

Alessandro Di Giacomo