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Under, a restaurant on the sea bed

The first in Europe, yet another miracle bearing starchitect Snohetta’s signature

It is called ‘Under’: in English, and ‘wonder’ in Norwegian.  Pure wonder really is what this first undersea restaurant in Europe evokes, designed by the Snøhetta starchitects (architecture studio, along with other creators, also belonging to the splendid Lascaux Museum which we mentioned here). A parallel concrete pipe, which slides down the steep Norwegian coast, enters the cold North Sea and rests gently on the sea bed, hosting an 80/100 enclosed restaurant and marine biology center which will study the changies to the ecosystem over the seasons.

Design and Sustainability: the rough surface attracts the settling of shellfish and marine flora which purify the water, a highly advanced thermoregulatory system uses the ever-stable marine temperature to adapt that of the interior. The three levels which compose the structure are also ideal for enthusiasts during the underwater descent: the cloakroom, which is on the surface, brings you the colors of the earth, the underwater champagne bar begins to bring in a blue colour, while the room is pervaded with the soft light of the sea from the large 11 by 4 metre porthole, which allows a amazing view of the sea bed. An unmissable encounter between design, technology and nature, for a truly unforgettable experience.

Valentina Monti