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The world’s craziest Japanese hair subculture

The “Ganguro” hair trend: how to NEVER go unnoticed...

Isn’t fashion sense perhaps the ultimate form of self-expression? In Japan there are those who have taken this idea very seriously, taking do what you want to the extremes, even if it makes your social life difficult, or prevents you having a boyfriend. This is in fact the philosophy of the Ganguro girls (literally “black face”), who had their peak in the 2000s: a subculture that rejects the Eastern aesthetic of minimalism, conservatism and porcelain skin, in favour of exaggerated tanning, very heavy make-up that obscures almond-shaped eyes, pale contact lenses, in-your-face clothes, hyper-decorated nails, big hair in artificial colours. The fashion is now somewhat in decline, but still has many fans, who also make a point of going against the mainstream. But can you really do anything to avoid feeling conventional?

Valentina Monti