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Leaves of interwoven hair

"Here we are in autumn"... Leaves and hair are falling this time of the year: see the beautiful hair sculptures by Jenine Shereos...

The idea has come from the Victorian practice of plaiting hair into bracelets, necklaces and rings to commemorate the deceased. Conversely, the modern idea came to American artist Jenine Shereos, after seeing maple leaves with only the veins remaining. Thus, her Leaf Series was born: leaf skeletons made of plaited hair.

Fallen leaves and fallen hair: the artist immediately saw a connection. Thus, she began to sew, weave and knit hair on a water-soluble fabric base, which then dissolves in water, leaving a very complex, and decidedly hyper-realistic structure. These works of art combine a very laborious technique, (each leaf can take months of work), with a sense of decadence and a rather spectral effect. “I want to transform a material that is considered to be disgusting into something completely different,” says the artist. Basically, they are just fibres, as is the case with wool. Besides, that’s the meaning of art, isn’t it?

Valentina Monti