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LOUIS VUITTON // Spring-Summer 2018

Everybody is stalking about them: do you like the new Vuitton’s sneakers?

In the depths of the Louvre, in the Crypt of the Sphinx in the Sully Wing, Nicolas Ghesquière redefined the concept of contamination with his triumphant conclusion to Paris Fashion Week. The Vuitton Spring-Summer 2018 collection showed 80s running shorts under rococo style jackets – a totally irresistible combination. Notable also were the dresses with rounded skirts, in leather, sequins and fabric, the straight leg trousers turned up at the hem, and the relaxed air running through the entire collection thanks to the sneakers – which were worn even under the evening gowns. These wave-soled sneakers were a thing of beauty – they’ll surely be high on the wish list of fashionistas all over the globe.

Valentina Monti