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Tiny is chic

From maxi to mini, sobriety conquers the world of tattoos. So discreet you'll have to look for it: see the new trend

Large tattoos are quickly going out of fashion, being replaced by the new and much more understated fashion for minimal tattoos.

SUBJECTS // Tiny stars and hearts are top of the list, but also initials or small designs like those seen predominantly on the wrists, shoulders and ankles of Zoe Saldana, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen…

PARTS OF THE BODY // The outer ear and its reduced surface area is the new territory to explore for what has been defined by Vogue as the Helix Tattoo: micro tattoos with flowers or leaves, tribal symbols or simple lines, hoops or small dots that mimic actual earrings. It would seem that they are particularly difficult to do and equally painful, an extra reason why they have become so exclusive and desirable.

STYLE // Without colours, shading, perspective: Mo Ganji, an Iranian who grew up in Berlin, is the new idol for those in love with refined tattoos. His style uses only one single, continuous line to draw the whole subject, varied only by the thickness of the line and by the addition of small decorative dots. A type of abstract art that becomes figurative thanks to its extreme simplicity and its truly unique elegance.

Valentina Monti