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State of the Art: Tongue by Alfonso And Nicola Vaccari


There is a subtle line that crosses through reality. Very few can see it, even fewer can illustrate it to others once they have seen it. It is that line that tells us that what we see is not always what it seems to be, that the things around us are not immobile but rather, as Proust suggested, our thoughts perhaps make them immutable. The Vaccari
twins can use their art to disrupt the limit between reality and the imaginary, with an infinitesimal yet fundamental deviation. The paintings by the Vaccari brothers make us reflect on the world around us and make us wonder if, by chance, we should not begin to look at it more deeply.

Tongue licking lips – olio su tela – cm 40×40 2015

Alfonso and Nicola Vaccari, twin brothers and painters, the class of 1961. Born in Forlì where they live and work.
They are considered among the leading exponents of contemporary landscape painting. Their pictorial research focuses on urban landscapes at night and the female figure, highlighting eroticism.

Federico Flamminio