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Objects: Kodak / Elbow / Crizu

Super 8

Kodak has relaunched a new version of the historic Super 8 movie camera, the star of the 1960s and 70s for amateur film makers around the world. A film and digital hybrid, designed by Yves Béhar, it works with an “evolved” version of the old 8 mm film (hence the name Super 8). It is analogue, but Kodak has indicated that it is possible to send in the film, which will then be delivered back to customers in digital format.

Photo courtesy Kodak


First the iPod and then the smartphone replaced what was a legend in the 1980s, the Walkman cassette player by Sony. With its compact, minimal lines, the design studio of Lithuanians Andrius Žemaitis and Marius Paulikas, BrainMonk, has relaunched the idea with Elbow.

Soon to be in production, it will be a must-have collection piece for design enthusiasts.
Photo courtesy BrainMonk


When re-using becomes art. Crizu is an Italian brand that produces beautiful designer objects using old books. Each piece is made by hand with the utmost care: thousands of artfully folded pages assembled to form elements with great style.

A high level of manual skill and inventiveness create objects and sculptures that are unique for their kind.

Photo courtesy Crizu

Alessandro Di Giacomo
Mark David Alunni