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Illustration: Hugo Yoshikawa

Hugo Yoshikawa

Hugo Yoshikawa has travelled extensively. He has lived in New York, Paris, and Bangkok, studied at Camberwell College of Arts, and worked at agencies in Madrid and Tokyo. Now he works full-time as an illustrator, giving free reign to his creativity, which, at first glance, appears to be infinite.

City Abc project, London / Watercolour series on European Cities

The works are extraordinary, full of imagination, and yet always anchored in reality. The precision of the lines is melt with unbridled creativity, giving rise to unexpected worlds. Yoshikawa brings together European and Asian elements: the colours and stylistic features of Japanese manga are softened by the sensitivity of illustrators from the Franco-Belgian school.

Watch Mechanisms / Screen print series made for exhibition at Nidau Gallery

 This can be seen in his series dedicated to European cities, where he arranges the monuments and unique features of each place into the shape of the first letter of the city’s name. It also appears in the Watch Mechanism silk screen prints, with multilevel cities made up of overlapping gears and mechanisms. The same overlapping of colours, typical of silk screening, creates an idea of three-dimensional depth, managing to stir within the observer a feeling of true wonder.
Tutte le foto, courtesy Hugo Yoshikawa / hugoyoshikawa.com

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