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Contemporary Salon: Dry By London

In the heart of London, in between Soho, Mayfair, and Marylebone, Fitzrovia is one of those neighbourhoods that fits elegantly within the fabric of the city, in which the orderly and “oh-so-British” residential areas alternate with the major commercial arteries. It is a place where Virginia Woolf, George Bernard Shaw, and Arthur Rimbaud lived in the past, which the Sunday Times defined “the best place to live in London” in 2016. It is now a place that attracts artists, galleries, and a bit of a Bohemian spirit.

It is here that you will find the DryBy salon, founded by sisters Krisztina van der Boom and Anita Puluczkai. Born in Budapest, after many years of living in London they fell in love with the New York concept of the blow dry bar and wanted to create this stylish space that offers women a nail bar and five iconic hairstyles (the names come from the big capitals: London, New York, Rome, Tokyo, and Rio). They wanted an environment that was “calm, with an informal atmosphere, designed for enterprising and active women who want to take a little time for themselves”.

The sense of comfort and hospitality is also evident in the design of the salon, which eschews classic workstations in favour of a large centralised work table in marble with mirrors on top, lounge chairs, and table lamps that warm the atmosphere.

Obsessive attention has been paid to the details: professionalism, design, and the awareness that a nice hairstyle is not a momentary frivolity but a push towards self-esteem that can change how the day goes.

Valentina Monti

Pictures courtesy Dry By London / dryby.co.uk