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Hair Team #22

Mauro Galzignato

42 years old, from Mirano (Venice). Has always loved travelling the world: “The trip that marked a turning point, namely when I was 30, was backpacking trough Peru, Chile, Bolivia, to the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego.” He loves to run outside: “I run three times a week, religiously at 6:30 in the morning, for an hour, covering around 10 km”. In 2018 he will be working on various projects: “Together with Kemon and the entire team, we will focus on consolidating the work that was begun this year, like television appearances on high-level programmes and backstage at the Milan Fashion Weeks”. He always considers the main objective of his profession to be “education, to contribute to raising the perception of our field and to be recognised and respected for what we truly are: professionals”.


Pierre Baltieri

52 years old, from Verona. He was already in London for work in the 1990s: “When I got off the airplane this time, I breathed the same air as when I worked at the King’s Road salon”. Lover of vintage clothing: “I love picking up on trends in advance, which over the years brings interesting returns”. He loves spending his holidays in the Salento area: “On a boat, especially the Ionian part”. Last book he read: “Il numero uno”.


Antonio Candido

32 years old, from Lecce. Favourite cologne: “Acqua di Parma”. Last significant concert: “Solomun, a live show of electronic music in Jesolo, but lately I am also listening to hip hop: especially Drake and Kendrick Lamar”. He just got a new car: “A Freemont 2000”. He collects snack-back hats and always wears Adidas socks: “1980s vintage line”. He began to tattoo himself: “Some knives, a panther and an ex-voto”.


Davide Carlucci

30 years old, from Bologna. Before being a hair-stylist he did a variety of jobs: “I even worked for six months in a laundry, Pulito Più, in Bologna”. He just got back from a trip to China: “Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’An and Peking, all with a backpack”. As a freelance hair-stylist he worked at various Milan Fashion Weeks. In addition to Kemon, he also works with the magazines Cool UK, Lui Magazine, The Cube.


Diego Comandulli

30 years old, from Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo). For his 30th birthday he organised a big themed party: “Called ‘Open the cages’, with everyone dressed-up as animals”. He just got back from a tour in the United States: “New York is a fantastic city”. He has been living with his partner since March 2017 in a penthouse between Peschiera del Garda and Verona. In September, he opened a second salon in Cologno Monzese.


Francesca Morelli

29 years old, from Genoa. She recently moved: “I live in a loft apartment in Mirano with my colleagues Serena and Nausicaa”. Dress code totally black, in the last year she has become the coordinator for the Kemon training team: “One of the few women, very satisfying”. She will turn 30 in February 2018: “I plan to take a long trip to the tropics”. In March, she adopted a chihuahua: “Priscilla, unbearable, but I adore her”.


Diego Padula

33 years old, from Pomezia. Has a partner named Vincenzo, 31 years old, an engineer. He loves to swim, “at least twice a week”. He does not drink or smoke, “I never even tried”. Last tattoo: “Some lotus flowers on my arm”. A Buddhist, “I began to become interested in it with my dear friend and client Naike Rivelli (daughter of Ornella Muti, editor’s note)”.


Daniele Pelella

45 years old, from Rome. In the last few months he has been very involved with renovating his salon, “after the fire that destroyed it on May 24th…” A lover of reading, he has a library with more than 2,000 books, “some even packed into an old, unused freezer”. He is working on creating some hair-stylist tools, “including a comb for blending colour tones and clips for teasing”.


Riccardo Rogari

35 years old, from Gubbio. Three tattoos: “A watch that is set to 21:00, a number in common with my brother Angelo, plus the initials of my grandfathers; a word on the back of his neck: ‘esperar’, and finally an Oscar Wilde aphorism”. Last road show for work: “In Bulgaria, in Sofia, a fantastic reception”. This summer he went on holiday to visit his colleague Antonio Candido in Lecce and in June he made his debut with a victory in the Supercup Italian Championship, “in a 150-horsepower Peugeot 106”.

Alessandro Di Giacomo