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Wild Mixology

Wood*ing / Wild Food Lab

A new conception of cocktails: drinks that are also healthy, new ingredients that are rigorously sustainable and proposals of new and never been done before flavours. Wild Mixology is the result of years of research by the Wood*ing laboratory in the use of wild plant species in the field of blending.

Flowers, leaves, lichens, roots and barks, used with maximum respect for ecosystems, are extraordinary resources in terms of their organoleptic profile and nutritional benefits. Through its revolutionary research that seeks to find a more conscious way of drinking, Wood*ing has created the foundation for a new philosophy of contemporary blending.

Thirty original recipes are the result of extremely thorough scientific investigation, including 48 highly innovative techniques for fermenting and processing wild ingredients.

Pictures by Marco Varoli, courtesy Mondadori Electa, Wild Mixology (Available on mondadoristore.it)

Alessandro Di Giacomo
Mark David Alunni