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VUITTON & KOONS // An “art piece collection”

#NOTJUSTFASHION // A fascinating trip in Leonardo, Tiziano, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh masterpieces

Fashion is volatile and ephemeral by definition, and even more so recently, where seasons have multiplied and capsule collections have become the norm, keeping the market alive throughout the year. This is the opposite of classical art: meant to be in a museum, bringing beauty to the world hundreds of years after its conception and production. Where do these concepts meet? Maison Vuitton found an intersection by asking iconic neo-pop artist Jeff Koons to design its Masters collection. Koons reinterpreted the works of 5 great masters of the past (Leonardo da Vinci, Tiziano, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh) for the maison’s most iconic handbags, like the Speedy, Keepall and Neverfull.

Extremely high-quality materials and prints, the iconic Monogram redesigned to include Koons’ initials (something Vuitton has never done before), a bag charm shaped like an inflatable bunny (to celebrate the artists’ 40th anniversary in the industry), and inside the bag, in golden ink, the biography of the Master whose work is reproduced on the outside: this is how ephemeral fashion attempts to become timeless.

Valentina Monti