• Valentino m RS

HAIR TREND // Paris Man Fashion SS2018

Two main trends: Valentino with a Millenial’s style, “very low parting and loads of gel/pomade”, and an Hawaiian Paul Smith with “big fringes and a messy styling”

Paris reconfirms the current catwalk trend, mixing masculine, feminine and unisex clothing. From a hair styling perspective, two macro-trends clearly emerged: “Valentino showcases the extremely neat man, with medium-length hair, extreme side partings and a significant amount of gel/pomade to project a super-sleek look”, comments Galzignato, Creative Collections Director at The Italian Touch. This style is part of a collection that winks at Millennials, starting with the new VLTN logo, mixing sporty pieces with a more formal look, with maxi comfort volumes and ethnic touches.

Hawaiian inspiration characterises Paul Smith, who combines floral shirts with tailored suits and brings his usual colourful prints to the catwalk. “His man is typified by long fringes and messy styling, ideal for running your fingers through and playing with the length, but also by voluminous curls with a vaguely ethnic feeling”.

Valentina Monti