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Goodbye to Laura Biagiotti, “The Queen of Cashmere”

Businesswoman and designer, proudly owning her label

Born in Rome on August 4th 1943, a stylist who earned the nickname “The Queen of Cashmere” by the renowned New York Times. An entrepreneur who was always happy to be the owner of her own brand, she was the first to present her collections in China in 1988, and also the first Italian stylist to present in Moscow, in the Kremlin, in the old seat of the USSR, in 1995.

She started collaborating with her mother, Delia: “Even as a child, with the help of the seamstress who came to the house once a week, I sewed dresses for my dolls, often replicas of the dresses I wore myself” (she recounted to Costanza Rizzacasa D’Orsogna, Panorama).

“To think that when I presented my first show in Milan the schedule was done by telephone. It was 1974, two years after my debut. Ken Scott asked: you’re in the morning? In that case I’ll go after lunch. Ditto Walter Albini. Fashion has changed; the competition is fierce today. But this job is always fun to me. It launches me into the future. I never know what season we are in, I am in synch with the collection that I design”.

She lived in Castello Marco Simone in Guidonia, a national monument from the 11th century, that she restored together with her husband Gianni Cigna. The news of her death in a tweet on her official profile was accompanied by a fragment from the gospel of St John, chosen by her daughter Lavinia, who worked with her: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God and have faith also in me (…)”.

Alessandro Di Giacomo