HAIR TREND // Cannes 2017 [best of] Week #1

The fake asymmetrical of Uma Thurmann and Monica Bellucci

Cannes Film Festival 2017: events, parties, red carpets and photocalls require continuous changes of outfit and often changes of look from the divas present. So passing from long to short to longuette is often not just a question of hemlines but also of hair.

“The Croisette allows us a preview of a social phenomenon, in the context of hair, which is enjoying the same success as its predecessor the fake bob, a sort of gathering at the back of the head that hides length and creates a form of helmet without having to shorten the hair – Mauro Galzignato, director of collections of The Italian Touch, explains to us –. I’m talking about the fake asymmetrical, as seen, for example, on Uma Thurmann and Monica Bellucci”. A gathering is thus created, but only on one side, giving the illusion of a cut that is short on one side and long on the other. It is an excellent way to preserve length – growing in the case of Uma and a signature detail in the case of Monica – while creating an interesting alternative for appearances on the red carpet.

Valentina Monti / Mauro Galzignato