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VUITTON // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

The only thing that’s normal here is the hair: location, soundtrack, looks and make-up are all a work of genius

It would be diminishing to describe it as the Louvre of the East. The Miho Museum in Kyoto, designed by Ieoh Ming Pei in 1997, is an astounding feat of architecture: its glass roofing evokes the French museum, but you reach it via a metal tunnel and then over a suspended bridge connecting two hills of unspoiled woodland. The models’ catwalk was set up there.

Swedish singer Robyn’s Indestructible, a 2010 single, remixed by one of the hottest and most interesting names in the business, Chicago DJ and producer The Black Madonna (listen to her here).

Japanese inspiration combined with tailor-made dresses and graphic patterns, animal-print touches and rounded outlines, also shows through emphatically in the sequinned dresses and printed fabrics. Collaboration with designer Kansai Yamamoto (designer of David Bowie’s jumpsuit in Ziggy Stardust) produced handbags depicting Japanese scenes, bound to become a must-have for the season.

A clear decision was made to avoid making hairstyles a highlight that might distract from the collection. All hairstyles are very natural, conveying their own non-artificial beauty.

Images of Kabuki theatre were seen on dresses and handbags, but also on the models’ faces: their make-up brought out intense eyes, decisively drawn eyebrows and marked cheekbones, to the extent of changing their expressions and attitudes.


Valentina Monti / Alessandro Di Giacomo