[Best of] The 5 most beautiful shaved women of all time

Cara Delevingne is only the last: see the gallery

Being beautiful, sexy and sensual is possible (eve though a bit rare). Many beautiful celebrities opted for such a drastic look for basically three reasons: rarely for the sake of provocation, more often for plot necessities (if paying a role that expects it), or for supporting women affected by cancer (clearly referring to chemotherapy treatments).
Following some of the most iconic shaved looks from the last two decades…

Alessandro Di Giacomo

Ex model Cara Delevingne, shaved for her next movie Life in a year.


Skin, singer from the band Skunk Anansie, an all time shaved look fan.


Actress Natalie Portman, shaved due to plot necessities of V for Vendetta.


An iconic Demi Moore as G.I. Jane


Charlize Theron’s post-apocalypse look in Mad Max.