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CHANEL // Cruise 2018 Hair&Style

Ancient Greece, the origin of beauty and culture

“The modernity of antiquity” is Karl Lagerfeld’s imaginary voyage in his idea of ancient Greece for the 2018 Cruise Chanel, with warm Mediterranean lights, the sea in the background, and a reconstruction of the Temple of Poseidon in the Grand Palais.

The great classics of the maison in a Hellenised aesthetic: abundance of jewellery with amphorae, bay leaves, decorations, soft and rounded lines, earth colours interspersed with gold, black and blue, with touches of orange and turquoise on the omnipresent slave sandals with column heels, and Greek-frets and fronds. The most desired accessories of the season will be leather gloves and large sunglasses with gold frames, enriched with bay leaves.

“Hair will be semi-tied-back and adorned with one single plait held together with a band, to give an elegant and simultaneously natural Ancient Greece mood – says Mauro Galzignato, head of  The Italian Touch collections, and this year’s Italian Hairdresser of the Year. Natural colours and simple accessories that remind us how less is more”.

But the show of modern Goddesses in tweed blouses with fringed hems, or pepluses enriched with precious embroidery, have nothing to do with real Greece because “reality isn’t interesting to me – says Kaiser Karl – I use what I like. My Greece is an idea”.

Valentina Monti