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Flower design: FlowerBx, buying or delivering flowers has never been so fashionable

FlowerBx, buying or delivering flowers has never been so fashionable

Luxury is often simplicity elevated to an art form: the simplicity of the idea, of its fulfilment, of the package that contains it. And nothing less than the perfect, most elegant simplicity could have come from those who have learned it, together with absolute rigour and hard work, having collaborated for years with Tom Ford, a King Midas of success: it was in this way that Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, Ford’s right hand man for almost twenty years, and Adam Wilkie, director of PR for 8 years, brought all this expertise into their project FlowerBx, subverting what was a highly consolidated industry in London.

―Luxury as simplicity elevated to an art form


There was no shortage of florists, even famous ones, in the British capital, but the key to the success of the new company, founded in 2015, was the idea of buying the best quality flowers directly from the Netherlands, eliminating costly intermediaries, and composing them in single variety bunches, to be ordered online, and then packed with great class and simplicity and entrusted to the care of a personalized, refrigerated van, as beautiful as the bouquets delivered and the messengers ringing the doorbell.

And so, quite simply, their project has totalled one million pounds in the first round of funding, involving names like Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter, and already boasting others like Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior and Riccardo Tisci among their clientele, and also of course, Tom Ford. On the site, beautiful still life images propose a selection of seasonal flowers, with prices starting at £20 per bunch (which is good value for that market), with delivery times of about two days, and the possibility of subscribing for monthly, fortnightly or weekly deliveries. The meaning of every variety is also explained in the language of flowers (floriography), the special dictionary of words and concepts attributed to flowers that was very successful in the 19th century, to add some tips and suggestions to enhance the selection process: just another element in providing a service that is out of the ordinary.

“We had noticed, in the course of our careers, that people with good taste are not inclined to order mixed flowers, which are a favourite of common florists and hotel lobbies, but prefer bunches of a single variety.” Then came the idea, combined with truly extraordinary professional experience, that led to the creation of a project that exploded into an instant success on the London market, and for which international expansion is foreseen.

After all, it seems there is scientific evidence that the presence of flowers in a room has the capacity to significantly improve the mood and the perception of quality of life. Is it not just this, perhaps, that is the sense of luxury?

Valentina Monti