This month’s haircut 2 / APRIL 2017

Cara Delevingne showing off her supershort "The Chop" in "Gricine" tone (see her bald-shaved now)

An undisputed British icon all over the world, if you added together her followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook they would add up to the entire population of Belgium. Her beauty is unconventional – Cara Delevingne has legs that go on forever and thick, arching eyebrows – above all though, she is defined by her charisma, charm and strong personality.

From this month this is also reflected in her hair style: “For this transition season Cara has chosen a new cut, ‘The Chop’. It anticipates the disconnection through the lengths as the hair is growing out which give it character and a rocky edge”, explains Mauro Galzignato, director of The Italian Touch collections. “The whole thing is also very glam thanks to the lilac pastel colour.” A temporary phase that didn’t last more than few days, since she’s been spotted in Toronto with a bald-shaved hair look (she’s going to play the role of a cancer patient in her next movie).

In the end this is why we like her so much: because she snorts, acts the bad boy and is about as far as you can get from the oh-so-perfect and rather stuck-up models who seem to have no connection with real life…

Alessandro Di Giacomo / Mauro Galzignato