HAIR TREND // Coachella 2017 [week 1]

The first weekend's report: "Not only hippie chic styles. This year's keyword is contamination" (Mauro Galzignato)

The most noteworthy musical act was Lady Gaga who, for once, decided not to surprise with her eccentric look and quirks, wigs and disguises, and just let her music speak for itself. Her set was truly exceptional and included a previously unperformed single, The Cure.

At Coachella, however, fashion is perhaps even more important than the music. After the first of two weekends, everybody is talking about Chiara Ferragni’s white Dior mini-dress, and Alessandra Ambrosio’s jean shorts paired with a mini denim jacket and nude lace corset, which made her look even more goddess-like than usual.

“If we look at hairstyles”, says Mauro Galzignato, Collections Director at The Italian Touch, “this year, Coachella followed a trend we have seen emerge in the wider fashion world: contamination. We saw more than just the hippie-chic style that is now one of the festival’s trademarks, there was a style mix that turned the weekend into a more contemporary, modern event. Braids are still popular, but they are paired with buns or softly tied half-ponytails, whose destructured waves change the look and give it a new, innovative twist.”

Valentina Monti