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Hair team #21

Behind the hair fashion collections

IMG_6171Mauro Galzignato
From Mirano (Venice), 41 years old. Married to Elisa, two daughters: “Vittoria, who is eight, and Teresa, who is three”. A loyal Juventus supporter, in 2016 he won the Italian Hairdresser of the Year award in the final organised in Turin by the You Hair&Beauty Show: “I was as touched as I was honoured, because the award is decided on votes from the category I represent.” It’s a prize that goes to the whole team: “I’m just the member with the most exposure, but it’s our constant hard work as a group that has earned us these results. All my staff rightly feel part of this victory.” He is expecting 2017 to be a year of travel, mainly for work: “At the moment, I have plans to go to Germany, Belgium, Vietnam, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Miami.” He was given a fighting fish for Christmas, “I named him Romeo”. In 2017, he will also be busy as team leader for the TV shows Ciao Bellezza on Rete 4 and Tacco 12 on LA7.


Pierre Baltieri
From Soave (Verona), 52 years old. An opera lover, “this summer, I went to all the productions of Puccini at the Arena”. He is the proud uncle of little Sofia, for whom he bought a pink and pearl-grey bedroom suite. Last summer, he sailed around the coast of Croatia, “I was the skipper’s assistant for once”.


Antonio Candido
From Lecce, 32 years old, single. He has a collection of vintage cameras, Chester sofas, and vinyl records in his salon: “The latest, a gift, is a collection of the Rolling Stones”. Favourite drink: “Hendrick’s gin and tonic”. He is a great friend of striker Salvatore “Sasà” Caturano: “Forza Lecce! Always.”


Davide Carlucci
From Bologna, 30 years old. He enjoys touring art cities: “The most beautiful museum I have been to was the Reina Sofia in Madrid, above all, because Picasso’s Guernica is there”. A trip to make at least once in a lifetime: “Driving across the United States in a car”. When he has time, he likes playing football, “position: right wing”.


Diego Comandulli
From Romano di Lombardia, 29 years old. Always on the road for work, “I drive more than 60,000 km a year in my car”. He loves travelling, “my dream is to take part in the reality show Peking Express”. His salon in Crema has a shop window 16 metres long. Favourite long drink: “Hendrick’s gin with Fever-Tree tonic water”.


Francesca Morelli
From Genoa, 29 years old. The people she is closest to after her parents: “My grandparents; they brought me up because my parents had to work”. Great passion for dancing, favourite song “Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) by Gotan Project”. Favourite wine: “Franciacorta”. In the kitchen: “trofie al pesto Liguria-style”.


Jasmine Papavero
From Sant’Angelo Lodigiano (Lodi), 21 years old. “Over the last year, I’ve been working in a salon in Fort Lauderdale (Florida), and I’ll be going back there in a few months.” Resolutions for 2017: “Learn to play the guitar and get around on a longboard”. She recently tattooed the words “Open mind” on her knuckles.

IMG_5675Daniele Pelella
From Nettuno, 44 years old. Two sons, “Flavio, who is 12, and Valerio, who is six”. Both are rugby players, “I love celebrating with them after the match”. His hobby is writing, “in recent months I am putting together everything I have written so that I can publish it”. A lover of blues, “especially B.B. King”.

IMG_4926Giuseppe Puleo
From Messina, 30 years old. Married for five years to Claudia, he has four tattoos, “my latest is the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland”. He loves motorbikes and has a Yamaha MT-07, “black, with fluorescent yellow wheels”. The dish he likes cooking most: “Sushi, after carefully selecting the fish from the fishermen’s market in Milazzo”.

IMG_5364Riccardo Rogari
From Gubbio, 34 years old. A racing driver, like his brother Angelo, his long-cherished dream is to compete with him in a car race, “such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans”. Favourite food: “Truffle omelette”. He loves watching old films on TV, “Like Ben Hur”. Favourite Italian singer-songwriter: “Rino Gaetano”.

IMG_5088Marko Šimunović
From Slavonski Brod (Croatia), 32 years old. Owner of Poliboy Barbershop in Zagreb, “with collections of vintage records, hats, and musical instruments, and with leopard-print barber’s capes for the customers”. He has a great passion for bicycles, “which I love modifying and customising”. He has had a long beard for the last four years.

IMG_4912Damian Tworuschka
From Darmstadt (Germany), 34 years old. Favourite musical artists: “Kings of Leon and Lenny Kravitz”. He loves eating sushi and drinking lots of coffee: “At least 12 cups of espresso each day”. He spent his last holidays in Ibiza: “I love the lifestyle of the locals and the atmosphere there”.

Alessandro Di Giacomo
Foto: Francesco Polidori