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Turn off the smartphone, reconnect with the world

20-day battery life, as thin as a credit card. Light Phone is an ode to simplicity that promotes rest and relaxation

Tired of hunting for the latest apps, seeing endless versions of the same phone, widgets, touchscreens, connectivity, extra batteries, blocked devices and never-ending updates?

Here is the screen that is not a screen: an LED keypad, a microphone, a loudspeaker. That’s it. Everything you need to communicate. Light Phone guarantees rest and relaxation. A phone as small as a credit card that fits inside your wallet. For those who want only the essentials, and who want to keep their smartphones for work and feel lighter in their free time. Because maybe, if you feel like talking to someone, the best and simplest thing to do is call.

―Light Phone guarantees rest and relaxation

Light Phone costs $150 and can be pre-ordered here (for delivery from April). What sets it apart from similar models and other minimalist phones is its battery life (up to 4 days). It’s not a replacement to rival your smartphone, it is a complementary device that supplements it. In fact, with an app, you can forward calls from your main smartphone and store up to 10 of your most-called numbers. This is what you need to switch off and start enjoying the world again.

Federico Flamminio / Alessandro Di Giacomo