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P-ink tattoo project

Beautiful tattoos as a way of healing, for women who have had a mastectomy

“Breast cancer doesn’t have to leave the last mark”. With this phrase P-ink (Personal Ink) perfectly describes its mission. Expert tattoo artists create colourful tattoos to cover the scars left after breast surgery. After the operation, touching their wounded body and looking in the mirror is daily agony for these women. The breasts, the scars, the emptiness all seem to scream out the end of femininity. However, going to a tattoo artist means understanding that breast surgery is not the end and doesn’t have the last say. That’s the mindset behind the P-Ink Project. The photos speak for themselves.

― Images of flowers, wings, butterflies, birds

Artwork that shows lightness and colour.
The aim of the project is to connect women who have had a mastectomy with tattoo artists who can help them find a new way to recover. Until now there were only two options: reconstruction, i.e plastic surgery, or leaving the scars as they are. P-Ink says there is a third option: ink. It is a revolutionary idea. Show off the damage caused by the operations in order to erase it. Create a new image of yourself. In a way, fight back and start living again. And tattoos return to their original spiritual purpose that they were created for, thousands of years ago. P-Ink is a non-profit organisation and is kept going through any donations given to this cultural project. Get involved.

Federico Flamminio