The new show by Mauro Galzignato and Kemon, in the final selection at the Italian Hairdresser Award. Read the article and find out how to vote. Just a like!


It will be the last Kemon 2016 show and is full of novelty, passion and presentations in Italy and abroad. The appointment on stage this time is 20 November at 12:30 with Mauro Galzignato and the The Italian Touch Hair Team. They will present the hair fashion spectacle PUNK TRIBUTE, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the punk movement.

The show will take place on the occasion of the big event organised by YOU magazine and will happen in front of about 7,000 hair-stylists, journalists and industry insiders. Kemon will been seen to play a major role, being represented by two finalists in the prestigious Italian Hairdresser Awards.

― How to vote

-In the category BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR, the Marketing Director Francesca Nocentini: click on this link, wait to see a photo of Francesca and vote by giving the photo a Like.

-In the category HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR, the Artistic Director of hair fashion Mauro Galzignato, a finalist for the most prestigious award of the year, with voting by jury during the days of the event.

Turning to the show, Mauro Galzignato has created a tribute to the punk movement “on the 40th anniversary of its inception. It will be a great show that will explain how this movement has influenced, now influences and will influence the fashion world,” explains Mauro. “With regard to hair in particular, we will present four portraits which tell the story of how this street style came onto the catwalk. The interesting thing about punk is that it reflects the opposite of what usually happens. That is, trends pass from the catwalk and are diluted into street style. Instead, punk, with its ridges and outrages, evolved on the street and then moved into fashion. Thus, through the four portraits we move from extreme works toward hairstyles that you could propose as a Salon look”.

It’s a story that reads backwards. While going from the catwalk to the street, you can talk about a ‘trickle-down effect’. In the case of punk, it’s a ‘bubble-up effect’. This is “because it expands upward, having an impact on fashion for everyone,” says Mauro.
You just have to wait for the show, which we will follow this time as well with photos and video reports. And, if you haven’t already done so, vote for Kemon as a finalist by Liking the photo that opens at this link.

Alessandro Di Giacomo