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The hair dryer of the future

Design and performance never seen before: "Supersonic", the new frontier for hair dryers

It’s called Supersonic and it is the result of four years of work by a team of 103 engineers with an investment of 70 million euros for the creation of a laboratory that studies hair and how the hair dryer reacts to stress by having dried 1625 km of hair strands. Styled by Dyson, a British company and leader in the production of appliances that use the principle of cyclonic separation (allowing the air purification from dust using the principle of centrifugal force mainly used in vacuum cleaners).

― Less noise, clutter, heaviness and has four levels of heat

Its digital motor is up to eight times faster than other top hair dryers.  It is tiny and is placed in the handle and not the head as usual.  The noise level is greatly decreased thanks to acoustic shock absorbers around the motor, the use of an interior axial fan that facilitates the air path decreasing whirlwinds as well as swirls and a 13-blade fan instead of 11as in other hair dryers.

But the real treat that only Dyson Supersonic has is the heat management system that avoids serious threat to hairstyles, that is, hair exposure to excessive temperatures.  A thermistor measures temperature 20 times per second and transmits the data to a microprocessor that never makes it exceed 150°.  And finally, the Air Multiplier system increases the air volume drawn into the engine by producing a fast and targeted jet.  It comes with a two-year warranty and is sold since September at 399 euros (499 euros for the limited edition model).

Alessandro Di Giacomo