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Hipster versions of contemporary leaders, designed by Amit Shimoni

Contemporary world leaders and heads of state like you’ve never seen them before. With his keen intuition, Israeli designer Amit Shimoni has created hipster versions of the most important men in modern history, complete with extreme hairstyles. The series is called “Hipstory”, and includes Obama with dreadlocks, Donald Trump in a flamingo-printed Hawaiian shirt with a spectacular platinum blond quiff and undercut, and Hillary Clinton with granny hair highlighted fuschia at the ends.

― Hipster versions of contemporary leaders

On the whole, hair is what distinguishes these portraits, though in some cases tattoos and accessories also make an appearance. Angela Merkel sports a bowler hat and nose piercing, Ariel Sharon is wearing an Obey t-shirt and grungy hoodie, and even the Dalai Lama dons hipster sunglasses … All these and more available on Shimoni’s website at affordable prices. More info on the website, Instagram and Facebook page.

Alessandro Di Giacomo